Orange Pill Podcast

Orange Pill [OP37] - Schrödinger's Bitcoin

April 18, 2021 Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert
Orange Pill Podcast
Orange Pill [OP37] - Schrödinger's Bitcoin
Show Notes

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Max and Stacy imagine no possessions, it's easy if you stack or if you live in a world in which price signals have misallocated capital so badly that nothing you need is available

And discuss: 

  • The monster of commodification and financialization 
  • The ultimate lie
  • Frontrunning your thoughts with neuralink 
  • Isaiah Jackson, the Marvin Gaye of Bitcoin

The interview Nick Neuman of Casa about:

  • The inherent value of self-custody in an age of runaway money printing atop a fragile banking system
  • What is multi-sig and how does it help secure your corn?
  • The uniquely OG problem of Schrödinger's bitcoin (coined by Jameson Lopp)