Orange Pill Podcast

Orange Pill [OP36] - The Apocalypse of Satoshi

April 11, 2021 Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert
Orange Pill Podcast
Orange Pill [OP36] - The Apocalypse of Satoshi
Show Notes

Max and Stacy look at the allegories and myths which turn the temporal into the eternal.

  • Bitcoin is perfect money and perfect money is the perfect apocalypse 
  • Bitcoin is the story of Prometheus who stole fire from the gods; the cypherpunks took cryptography from the NSA and invented bitcoin which solves for the problem of time and money
  • The relativity of time and the death and rebirth every ten minutes
  • Bitcoin solves for time and money and we lose our attachment to both 
  • Certain past and an uncertain future
  • Transition from deity took place on the cross
  • Warm up act for the Big Bang of consciousness
  • Dream blizzard of negative rates
  • All you need is Bob Marley to restart civilization
  • In the beginning there was a vibe and that vibe made everything groovy

Max and Stacy talk to Dea Rezkitha

  • What Hindu myths can teach us about bitcoin
  • The eternal truth 
  • Karma, harmony and balance
  • Turning 'negative' human traits into positive outcomes, the temporal to the eternal